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This past week has demonstrated how exceptionally volatile the cryptocurrency space is. Not limited to Bitcoin, this week has seen many prices of altcoins collapse providing the perfect opportunity for high returns in the short term.

Altcoins Worth Focusing On This Week: HIRE, ZCL, BRD, NEO, and GAS

The altcoins worth shifting immediate focus to for the upcoming week are HIRE, ZCL, BRD, NEO, and GAS. These cryptocurrencies have major events, speculation, announcements and presentations in the short term that will dramatically impact their price in a positive manner. Between these five cryptocurrencies, analysis points to the highest short term returns coming from HIRE (smallest market cap, largest drop in price). Each of these coins would be an important consideration this week as they provide the perfect buying opportunity at the discounted market prices.

Current Market

The market has been filled with FUD all week. This has provided a unique buying opportunity for the savvy investor. Buy low, sell high. If you did not “sell high” there is still time to “buy low.” Baron Rothschild, from one of the most famous families in history, was quoted as saying:

The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.

This 18th century quote speaks volumes regarding today’s markets. If you were chasing the markets up when Bitcoin was at $18,000 now that it is priced at 50% of that even more capital should be flowing in. When people are scared investors should be accumulating, when the population is ecstatic it is time to sell. To beat Bitcoin’s returns we focus on altcoins. Alts drop more during corrections but increase much more during rebounds. – HIRE (Partnerships, Presentations, New Exchanges, and a Token Burn)

The HIRE token has the highest volume on HitBTC and is trading at a fraction of their ICO price that concluded only weeks prior. The reason HIRE provides such a strong buying opportunity in the short term is their pricing and upcoming news. I was provided an opportunity to - click here to read the rest of this article