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You pay for everyday purchases with Crypto, retailers get your money in fiat, The Amon Card takes care of everything in between.

Amon’s founders started with a unique idea: To bring crypto spending into people’s daily lives.  A Crypto Debit Card that seamlessly converts your crypto into fiat for an everyday purchase was the need of the hour. A crypto debit card that stored all cryptocurrencies, a crypto card that converts in real time, a crypto card that shielded you from volatility… and hence Amon was born.

It is more than just a crypto debit card. Amon has a multi-currency wallet, a built-in exchange that helps you deal with volatility by jumping from crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat without ever leaving the app. What sets Amon apart is its powerful Artificial Intelligence that ensures you get the best value out for your cryptocurrencies by suggesting your best performing crypto at the specific time of purchase. All in all, we feel that Amon might be the answer to the sustainability questions people have been raising about the ecosystem.

More about Amon

4 major components of Amon are The crypto debit card with real-time conversion, the multi-currency wallet, the Artificial Intelligence system and the built-in exchange. Amon’s users will be able to spend their crypto in everyday life, manage their portfolios, mitigate volatility and save on daily purchases.

The Platform

The platform will be powered by AMN tokens that will be made available during the ICO. The AMN tokens will give Amon cardholders reduced fees, master-node like payouts, cash-backs, and premium customer service.

The Amon platform will be integrated with a powerful AI that will allow it to understand how the markets work. The AI will then be able to look at past price-action data, your costs, current average price of the coins you hold and then suggest you the coin that will give you the maximum value during the time of making the payment through your Amon card. Amon allows three options.

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