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Vilnius, Lithuania, February 2018 – Bankera ( aims to become the bank for the blockchain era and is already making splashes in the ICO world. To date, their ICO has collected over 100 million euros from over 80,000 contributors making Bankera’s ICO the biggest in regard to the number of contributors.

ICO with a Working Product

A large driving force behind the success of Bankera’s ICO is the well-established company SpectroCoin ( SpectroCoin is Bankera’s MVP, or minimum viable product. With SpectroCoin, investors can already see results and reap the benefits of the technology in which they are investing. Currently, more than 750,000 clients are using the SpectroCoin platform for services such as fiat and cryptocurrency wallets, free and instant peer-to-peer transfers, debit cards, exchange, and payment processing services, but, uniquely, clients can also claim IBANs for SpectroCoin accounts. An MVP like SpectroCoin not only makes Bankera less risky and different from any other ICO, but it also allows investors to use the technology they are financing in a fashion that is unprecedented in the ICO world. However, Bankera plans to go beyond payment processing and offer an array of banking services, such as savings and loans accounts, as well as low-cost investment products, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and crypto funds.

A Team of Experts

Bankera has only gotten this far due to its unparalleled team and an advisory board that includes notable figures as Lon Wong, president of the foundation, and Eva Kaili, a member of the European Parliament. With industry experts in fields from IT to Banking to UX/UI, Bankera has only the best of the best working to take Bankera to the next level.

Bankera’s Own Exchange Platform

On top of a functional MVP, Bankera is now offering clients and investors the ability to try out Bankera’s exchange platform (, which is currently still in the demo phase. After Bankera’s exchange service is fully launched, it will support most cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, NEM, Litecoin, as well as - click here to read the rest of this article