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Humans play a central role in the AI lifecycle. A simple task of data labeling still requires a lot of human input, cannot be fully automated yet and takes up to 80% of data scientists’ time when building an AI application. Even after a dataset is ready, humans must train AI models, integrate AI into existing business processes, supervise AI performance, and validate results.

Driven by the idea of engaging data labelers in the revenue distribution on the $200+ billion AI market, Dbrain, a blockchain platform to collectively build AI apps, aims to link businesses and AI developers with crowd workforce in the low-income countries.

Make Humans Great Again

AI software industry will grow by 52% annually and will reach almost $60B in 2025. Together with AI-driven services aimed to create, customize, install and integrate AI solutions into business processes, the market will generate more than $200B revenue in 2025.

Moreover, AI can improve the welfare of billions of people, minimizing the income gap between countries. Working on previous AI projects, including the high-scale solutions for agricultural industry, Dbrain founders came to the point: the secret weapon of AI technology isn’t just some intelligent code; it’s the data the code crunches. Large datasets are mainly owned by corporations like Google and Facebook who set the price and have the power to prevent smaller players to enter the AI development industry. Data labeling, on the other hand, mostly falls onto less-skilled workers in low-income countries, who now get only a fraction of market incomes.

Dbrain, a platform built on the blockchain, aims to make AI more accessible to businesses by linking them directly to crowdworkers who create datasets. Labelers, in exchange, can earn money for their effort and skill in data labeling and data validation. Using cryptocurrency as payment, Dbrain has a potential to reach 2 billion of unbanked people in low-wage countries to give them new income streams independent of local fiat currency fluctuations.

A Blockchain Platform To Address AI Challenges

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