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· March 13, 2018 · 5:00 pm

Businesscoin brings the most advanced technology to life to ensure that everyone has the maximum benefits from our services.

Unlike other high-tech projects, Businesscoin has many available infrastructures including Ecommerce websites, the services of travel, restaurant, hotel, wedding, coffee shop and karaoke; especially real estate business such as land, apartment, Condominium, villa, commercial center, resort. Therefore, BNC will always place the trust and benefits of users as a top priority.


The BNC strategic group will develop and expand the global ecosystem rapidly, positively and potentially in the future.

BNC service App is a decentralized platform that offers all the entertainment and tourism services, providing users more alternatives with reasonable prices and the best quality.BNC E-commerce App provides products such as consumer goods, fashion, furniture, stationery, vehicles, electronics and other essential items.BNC real estate App is the first real estate application that integrates Blockchain technology into the business model. Users can buy, sell, exchange or even invest in potential real estate projects to earn decent profits.BNC Wallet is completely secure, private and user-friendly. All transactions are made anonymously due to complying with the smart contract on the Ethereum in order to protect the privacy of users. Moreover, users can store, receive and transfer funds easily and quickly on the Internet.BNC Exchange is an internal - click here to read the rest of this article