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ADA is the top performer in the last 24 hours adding an impressive six percent. That injection of momentum at key support means there is a revival happening and traders can take advantage of this surge. CoinBase is huge for ADA because any addition means exposure to 13 million US customers keen on adding ADA to their portfolios if not hodling.

From the News

It’s interesting times for cryptocurrency and more so momentous for Cardano’s ADA following the intentions of CoinBase to list them at their exchange. Coin listing at this American exchange is always huge news for coins. Already, we have seen what happened to ETC valuation shortly after CoinBase announcement. Prices soared lifting off $12 like a rocket.

Today we are announcing that we’re exploring the addition of the following assets to Coinbase: Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC) and 0x (ZRX).

— Coinbase (@coinbase) July 13, 2018

That seems to be happening to ADA too. Of course it was a nice coincidence to dole out such positive news. However, we must also consider some few takeaways from CoinBase. First, it’s not a guarantee that they will be adding them since this is purely “exploratory” and will have to look into necessary regulations controlling the coin and banks facilitating purchase.

Please note that we are not guaranteeing the listing of any of these assets. We may list them with partial support, or only in specific jurisdictions. In particular, some assets may become available in other countries before the US.

— Coinbase (@coinbase) July 13, 2018

That’s not enough; CoinBase will take a cautious stand. Even if there is listing, and some coins won’t be available at all jurisdictions at the same time meaning the exchange is willing to smooth out user experience in other countries before opening doors for customers in the US.

Then again, CoinBase are avoiding mentioning a date and naming coins which are most likely to get listed

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