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· March 11, 2018 · 11:00 am

As the general public learns more about Cryptocurrency trading, more and more investors want to get in on it, but don’t know how. Countinghouse is making it possible for everyone to profit off of Cryptocurrency with the launch of their Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund ICO. This hedge fund uses a mathematical algorithm to constantly pull profits from the Cryptocurrency market.

South Australia, Australia – March 6, 2018, Countinghouse Fund made international news today with the announcement of a new ICO that has investors swarming. Countinghouse Fund is an already-established foreign exchange direct hedge fund which uses coded algorithms and mathematical techniques to force profit from volatility and movement in the forex market. Countinghouse’s mission is simple; apply existing techniques to the world of cryptocurrency which shows greater volatility than the traditional fiat currency exchange.

The team at Countinghouse are some of the brightest in the business with experts in nearly every sector from Finance and Investing to Computer Programming and Marketing. Countinghouse Fund benefits from the combined decades of experience and adaptability of its traders. With over a decade of experience in trading on the foreign exchange market, both manually and algorithmically, their team is well-positioned to transfer these skills over to the cryptocurrency exchange. Many Cryptocurrency analysts are predicting great things for - click here to read the rest of this article