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We get it. Every startup aims to be ‘disruptive’, right? The way we see it, it’s important to think big, but start small.

Here at the Rouge Project, while our overall mission is ‘to create a fair and value-driven digital marketing ecosystem that directly benefits brands, consumers, and publishers’; our goals are incremental. The way we’re fulfilling our mission is firmly rooted in what’s visible and achievable: which is why we’re starting our journey by tackling digital coupons using blockchain technology.

Intrigued? Here are 4 reasons to take a closer look at what we’re doing.

We’re Problem Solving In A Growth Area

The coupon industry is a huge growth area that’s at the core of traditional and digital marketing. However online coupons are completely open to fraud. Just search for discount codes for your favourite brand or online store and you’ll discover scores of shady looking sites where savvy bargain hunters post (often outdated) codes for all to see.

Why is this a bad thing? It isn’t for shoppers. But it’s disastrous for marketers and publishers. Brands have a finite amount of budget to spend on discounts and, as they did in the good old days of print advertising, issue coupons by paying to advertise them with publications that offer the most engaged audiences. But if anyone can redeem coupons once they’re visible in one place, the offer is completely worthless to those issuing them.

Another major obstacle are salespeople: agencies that take commission for the placement and performance of ads and offers. The prices they charge are rarely consistent with the value they offer. If the total cost of issuing a coupon is tied to ever-increasing costs, there’s little meaningful value left to pass on to shoppers.

That’s the battle we’ve picked. And we’re confident it’s one we can win: using the blockchain.

We’re Improving Processes & Fighting Fraud

We’re creating a new kind of digital coupon; fully-trackable, non-forgeable coupons that only release their value when acquired or redeemed by users.

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