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In partnership with NEO and Ontology, Shanghai-based company Zeepin has been working on the development of its unique ecosystem. The company’s mission is to enable economic empowerment for businesses in the creative industries and explore the potential for blockchain use among them by conducting research and engaging creatives on the Zeepin chain. While its initial appearance may sound complex and vague, let’s dig into the whole of Zeepin and its dApps initiatives.

In the creative industry, the complexities of dealing with the legal protection of digital property rights, the establishment of trust transactions and finding like-minded team members may go beyond imagination. It is probably creatives who are the most vulnerable to dealing with unavoidable legal paperwork when bringing their ideas to life.

Zeepin’s team delivers blockchain-based support to innovators to boost economic empowerment of creatives related businesses. The idea is to provide support for innovators from idea inception to fully working project, solving issues related to project financing, protection of copyright, partnerships, remote cooperation, and recruitment. The blockchain will connect creative content with people in need of creative ideas channeled via embedded smart contracts. All of this is strived to be achieved via Zeepin dApps such as ZeeRights, ZeeCreate, ZeeTalent, ZeeFund, ZeeProof, and ZeeSure.  First few dApps will be released on Zeepin Platform after the mainnet launch.

It was little over a year ago when dApps —  decentralized, open-source web applications that leverage on the blockchain technology, became a disruptor. On the Zeepin chain, dApps functionality will be enabled by the utilization of ZPT, a non-refundable token. An example of the concept behind Zeepin dApps is illustrated through this visual of a creative user on the Zeepin platform.

The scope is already large.  However, the company, truly run by creatives, keeps diversifying its dApps portfolio with other exciting ideas and projects. One such dApp launched by Zeepin is CryptoGalaxy – a virtual universe on Zeepin chain. It is an entertainment dApp where users can purchase planets, give them names and enjoy

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