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One of the biggest problems facing new investors is the hurdles they’ll need to jump through to simply sign up for an exchange and deposit money. CriptoHub offers loads of coin options, unique payment processing services, and more.

The Untapped Brazilian Market

Late last year, Bitcoin was making headlines all over the world as it soared higher than anyone had thought possible. Tens of thousands of people from around the world flocked to exchanges to get in on the ground floor of what many people in the community are calling the next big thing. Along with the swaths of new users, some exchanges quickly became overwhelmed and despite their best efforts ran into issues regarding reliability and customer services.

Statistics from LocalBitcoins, a peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform, show that Brazilian volume peaked at more than seven million Brazilian real, equivalent to roughly two million USD. And all of that is only from a single exchange. From this data, it’s obvious the Brazilian community has bitcoin on their radar. Now it’s all about lowering the barrier of entry for people to buy Bitcoin and take back control of their economic freedom.

Current Options Aren’t Cutting It

While it is possible for a Brazilian to buy some crypto, it is by no means easy. There are only a handful of exchanges that operate in the South American countries, all having some sort of drawback. Whether it be high fees, KYC checks that result in long and tedious verification processes, or limited methods to fund your wallet, none of the current options are close to a perfect solution.

On top of these issues on the surface, many exchange options don’t have many of the coins people are looking to purchase. Other than the few “blue-chip” cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, many other exciting projects don’t have an avenue for the Brazilian market to dip their toe in.

CriptoHub Aims to Be #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange in Brazil

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