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Although the past week was rather quiet for the cryptocurrency industry, the price action seen throughout the past few days seems to tell a different story, with Bitcoin trading within a hefty $1,400 range.

SEC Shoots Down VanEck ETF Proposal, Issues 45 Day Delay

On Tuesday afternoon, the SEC released a document revealing that it would be delaying its verdict of the VanEck and SolidX Bitcoin ETF by 45 days. In a two-page document, the American regulatory body highlighted the fact that it was exercising its right to delay such a decision, from the original date of August 16th to September 30th. Despite the fact that the SEC didn’t outright deny the proposal, some wary investors saw this of a premature sign of what was to come when the final verdict rolls about.

Jake Chervinsky, an American lawyer active in the cryptosphere, released an insightful tweet regarding his opinions on the ETF and its position with the SEC. Chervinsky, who keeps an ear to the ground in this industry, noted that he expects for the SEC to issue another extension until December 29th. In a tweet in the same thread, the lawyer predicted that if the regulatory body “instituted proceedings,” that a disapproval of the proposal would be more than likely.

Expected result, earlier than expected execution.

New deadline: Sunday, September 30, exactly 45 days from the prior deadline of August 16. I had predicted October 1, thinking the SEC would carry the deadline over to the next Monday.

I expect another extension to December 29.

— Jake Chervinsky (@jchervinsky) August 7, 2018

As a result of rampant bearish speculation, the market saw a quick sell-off, with the price of Bitcoin quickly dropping through the key support at $6,800. Altcoins followed closely behind, posting similar losses in terms of percentage. Nonetheless, CNBC crypto analyst Brian Kelly noted that the market reaction to this verdict was irrational, stating:

“We’ve had this big runup, we’ve had a little bit of a sell-off today. If you are selling

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