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Essentially, Zeroedge is the world’s first online casino that offers two unique advantages to the general online gambling public. Firstly, Zeroedge runs exclusively on cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin for example) although, in this case, that cryptocurrency is Zeroedge Casino’s own unique cryptocurrency called ZeroCoin.

The second advantage, and by far the most significant, is the fact that Zeroedge, much like its name suggests, will be offering a true 0% house edge to its players. This essentially means that, unlike conventional online casinos, where they can enjoy a house edge (an advantage the house has over the player) of as much as 10% in certain casino games, and 1% or higher in others.

The old saying that the house always wins really does apply to conventional online casinos, as they have stacked the odds in their favor, meaning that you will never ever really win your games (not for long anyway). Since Zeroedge does not make any profit from the losses incurred by players, but rather through the increased value of ZeroCoin which is the main economy driver on the Zeroedge Casino’s network.

Interview with Adrian Casey – Zerocoin’s CEO.:

Q: When was your business founded?

A: The Idea came up in the summer of 2017.

Q: How many founders, employees & part-time workers?

A: I and my partner were the initial founders, but he went on to work on another venture. So I was pretty much left with just an idea. We currently have a team of 10-15 employees including people working on a full-time & part-time basis

Q: Thanks for offering the interview! First question – When did you first get into Bitcoin and why?

A: After Mt. Gox in 2013, was when I got into Bitcoin and started my research around it. This was also the time when most investors/people started to pay more attention to cryptocurrencies. I guess you could say I was caught by the wave. Although, I wasn’t that much interested in the Bitcoin itself, my main interest was understanding how

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