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The ZeroEdge gambling platform is about to complete its presale. This is the last chance for contributors to receive a massive 58% bonus for their participation.

Online Gambling With a Big Difference

ZeroEdge are hoping to create the world’s first gambling platform with 0% house edge. If you thought the house always wins? Well, they don’t anymore…

The team behind ZeroEdge will provide the tools and infrastructure for players  to build and operate their own games on the platform. The aim is to form the planet’s largest gambling network of games with literally no house edge whatsoever. This will in turn drive the adoption of their token, Zerocoin.

The problem ZeroEdge identify with current online gambling models is the obscene house edges at casinos. They estimate that players lose $40 billion every year to online gambling sites.

This house edge guarantees that the casino will win over time. Sure, they might lose today to a single player. However, over the course of thousands of bets, they are mathematically assured of a long-term win.

Take blackjack for example. In a game of blackjack, it doesn’t matter how well a player plays. The house will always have an edge. This is built into the rules of the game. The player can play a perfect strategy against the casino and over time, the casino will still win.

The house edge when playing perfect strategy blackjack is around 1%. If you make stupid mistakes (splitting tens, doubling versus an Ace, and so on), you can dramatically increase this. Based on this model of edges, the house always wins a little and sometimes it wins a lot.

ZeroEdge are hoping to change this though. They think their zero percent house edge games will draw people to the platform. The games on the network will exclusively use their token, the Zerocoin. The company hope that the holders of Zerocoin will profit from the value of the token increasing rather than how current gambling providers’ shareholders profit when the casino beats

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