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Red Lanterns, the blockchain-based sex education and sexual consent platform, has announced the launch of it’s pre-ICO. It will run from February 14 through February 28, 2018. A generous 50% token bonus is being offered to participants in this early fundraising round.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Red Lanterns is a rapidly developing online service, with both Android and iOS apps ready to download, that helps address both the lack of sexual education in many parts of the world and the need for expressed sexual consent. The Red Lanterns (RL) application is free to download and connects users with sex education experts, psychologists, lifestyle coaches, and more – securely, privately, and intelligently.

Red Lanterns offer unique token purchasing structure – REDL tokens are available for purchase directly from the ICO landing page, however, for those who prefer an additional layer of security, tokens are also available for sale directly through the Red Lanterns App which can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Android Google Play.

The exchange rate for the pre-ICO and main token sale is 1 REDL = $1. Tokens are being released with a soft-cap target of $1,500,000 and a fundraising goal of $10,000,000. Pre-ICO investors will receive a 50% bonus on all token purchases.

In addition to the generous bonuses being offered to pre-ICO participants, Red Lanterns is offering an additional 5% bonus for investors who purchase tokens through the RL mobile app. This 5% bonus will be added to users’ accounts once both the pre-ICO and the main token sale have completed.

In the notoriously volatile market of cryptocurrencies and in an era where ICOs built on flimsy promises – or worse still, scams – are all too common, investors are now provided with an opportunity to purchase tokens that are tied to an application that is expected to turn over large volumes of smart contract transactions in a secure manner.

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