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As time progresses it seems the adage, “Out with the old and in with the new”, can be applied more today in the Finance sector than maybe ever before. Usually investors think Mutual Funds, IRA’s or 401K’s, but thanks to recent breakthroughs in Cryptocurrency we now have a whole new set of investments. Phoenix.Wiki brings investors the blockchain based Phoenix Algorithm which will allow crypto investors to exponentially grow their investment using Smart Contracts.

Helsinki, Finland, Feb 13th, 2018, Phoenix.Wiki took the Finance industry by storm this week with the announcement of the launch of their ground-breaking new platform on February 14, 2018, at 10:00 GMT, that is set to change the way investors invest. The Phoenix platform is a decentralized autonomous organization based on a blockchain technology that exponentially grows principle funds and ensures transparency of all processes.

Phoenix is controlled by a smart contract technology that acts a safe-keeper to the investors’ funds because no one including the Phoenix team has access to personal financial information. This type of investment platform has whet the appetite of many investors thanks to several features including confidentiality, security, and transparency backed by smart contracts.

The Phoenix platform is quite unique as it operates on the Ethereum blockchain-based computing platform and has a special mathematical algorithm that allows its users to make money in only a couple of days with minimal financial risks at play. This tool runs on a self-explanatory financial algorithm that will continuously accumulate the users’ investments for every successfully completed round.

Since this is built using blockchain based technology it is completely transparent and administered within the smart contract. This means there is no human interaction, no fees, no brokers…only the smart contract which oversees and executes the disbursement of funds. The smart contract provides simplified trading operations which makes it easy for more people to participate in the Phoenix platform.

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