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by Faith Obafemi
The analog life is no longer appealing. We all now wish for the smart, digital life to make everything easier, less expensive to manage and convenient. In a time when we’ve got smartphones, smartwatches, smart fridge, smart grids, smart TV and smart homes, why can’t we have a smart city?

Dubai will be blazing the trail as it becomes the first smart city running on blockchain and smart contracts. Imagine a city which is not only connected to the internet, but also ‘smart’ enough to process activities like visa applications and reach intelligent decisions. For a frequent business traveler, the long wait at the embassy will become history. Robotina, a Slovenia-based company, providing comprehensive automation solutions with an IoT focus, will be playing some big roles and laying down the tracks in this innovative transformation.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a city where activities are synchronized, making transactions within and without faster, with minimized errors and most especially, secure framework.

Robotina and its decades of operation in IoT industry

In operation since the 1990s, Robotina has a track record of successful projects in the AI, machine learning and IoT industry. The company has over 50 international employees spread across offices in each continent, and rendering smart services in over 27 countries. Robotina’s portfolio includes: manufacture, distribution, support and service for automation components and electronic devices.

One notable project in this regard is Robotina’s strategic partnership with Imdaad as far back as 2014. The partnership tasked Robotina with the duty of implementing Imdaad’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) project in the agency’s headquarters. Robotina was to commission the NOC project whose purpose was for remotely managing and monitoring other facilities under the operation of Imdaad. All - click here to read the rest of this article