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Blockchain technology promises to transform business processes, bringing automated record-keeping and turning entirely secure, distributed, decentralized, and scalable applications into a new norm in the business world.

Today, there are technical and commercial obstacles that prevent widespread adoption of decentralized applications (Dapps) in the business community. The genEOS project was created to eliminate the barriers to adoption and build a community of business and technology professionals to deliver on the power of blockchain technology.

Fostering the adoption of decentralized business applications

Introducing an operating system-like environment, genEOS facilitates the development of Dapps that rival traditional web apps for speed, versatility, and ease of use.

Project participants can not only develop, create and launch their own business outcome-driven solutions on the top of blockchain 4.0 technology but also monetize unconsumed bandwidth by renting it out to third parties. There is a strong and growing team of blockchain experts who are ready to build and maintain business-critical Dapps to order.

Key genEOS ecosystem features:

– Ready-to-go development environment for Dapps of the enterprise-grade performance.
– Transaction rates at least equivalent to real-time transaction processing of standard Web 2.0 applications.
– Real-world decentralization combined with scalability and security across the network.
– The requirement for mining is eliminated, making energy costs comparable to those of traditional web applications.
– Open-source code available on GitHub for developers to consult and use to develop their own Dapps.
– Investors from any country can participate in the project, as a US-based non-profit foundation conducts the Secured Token Offering (STO) for genEOS.

genEOS tokens and crowdsale

genEOS tokens give project participants access to the ecosystem and its specific resources such as computing features, storage features, monetization features, etc. The genEOS project has already launched the - click here to read the rest of this article