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The Bitcoin movement has brought with it a tidal wave of activity in cryptocurrency investments and trading. As a result, crypto market capitalization soared to an all-time high of around $820 billion in early January of 2018. But since then, we have seen a massive price decline in this market, leading many to speculate that it could all be a giant bubble.

One trailblazing company that has remained forward-thinking in its approach and advancement amid this persistent downturn is Invictus Capital. Endeavoring to become the “Vanguard of cryptocurrencies,” Invictus features a comprehensive set of fund options and investments for those seeking diversified exposure to cryptocurrency markets.

Through cutting-edge developments in data science, machine learning and blockchain technology, Invictus strives to mitigate the bias, emotion and costs associated with managing cryptocurrency investment funds.

A key milestone tied to this momentum occurred in 2017, when Invictus launched its initial coin offering (ICO), known as “CRYPTO20” and widely touted as the first of its type in the world. CRYPTO20 is an index fund that tracks the top-20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, providing a window to the performance of the highest levels of the crypto market, and lets investors participate through a single token (C20 tokens).

The fund’s parameters (rebalance frequency, asset cap and number of coins) were optimized by data science and the fund managers claim all relevant forks and airdrops and stake NEO and DASH, among others — all adding to the fund value. CRYPTO20’s annual fees of 0.5 percent are far below the industry average of 2 to 3 percent, the company said. Invictus added that the fund has outperformed both BTC and the total cryptocurrency market cap to date.

Invictus’s second major milestone, the Hyperion Fund, closed in May 2018, with over 4,500 backers and $11 million raised. This venture fund model leverages the power of syndication and Invictus’s strategic value adds to facilitate access to private sale investment opportunities — at the best prices. Here, investments occur in the most promising

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