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There are rumours afoot that is going to launch a token sale in the not too distant future.

For those of you that are not familiar with, it is a Q&A social network with 215 million registered users. Maybe you’ve heard of Quora or in the coding world StackOverflow? Well, it is similar but bigger and caters mostly to young people and is arguably a little more frivolous.

Users can ask and answer questions openly or anonymously, which is ideal for young people who are embarrassed to ask stuff they think they should already know – maybe mum and dad did tell them about the birds and the bees or they couldn’t work out what their parents were talking about in that coded lingo. is not so popular in North America and Asia but is well-known in Europe and the Eurasian side that was once part of the old Soviet Union.

With 85% of its user base aged under 25, this is the sort of platform that has advertisers salivating.

Ok, let’s get to the evidence for the prosecution.

Exhibit one in the case for an imminent ICO:

A mysterious website has been parked by the European-based company that promises a second iteration of the platform – the page reads “askfm 2.0”. What might be the nature of the new-look askfm?

Askfm released an app update back in 2014 that it labeled askfm 2.0, so it is extremely unlikely that the “2.0” emblazoned on the parked website refers to another redesign. The 2.0 this time, perhaps, hints at something radically different, suggesting that “Pro” references more than just a look-and-feel refresh, although that might be something in the mix.

The case for a blockchain social network

By way of an expert witness to help us determine the nature of the radical departure askfm has in mind, we need to look beyond askfm itself to the wider social network sector.

You may have noticed that Facebook has had a little

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