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This Silicon Valley company is running a successful token presale and is backed by a real business.

One tech company wants to create real jobs for real people with the help of blockchain. Even though SyncFab is based in Silicon Valley, the company founders believe they can add new industrial jobs in Middle America, among other regions. Their plan is to connect machine shops and manufacturers over the newest technology.

The ultimate goal is to create a blockchain marketplace where machine-shop operators and their customers can connect instantly and seamlessly. That is supposed to generate more jobs for working-class people in machine shops. It is also intended to create more American jobs by speeding up the process.

“If you want a product made in the United States, you can either start searching now; and in two years find somebody, or just go directly to SyncFab, which is where you are going to end up anyway,” says Brad Butler, the cofounder of the Bicycle Coffee Company, a SyncFab customer.

Connecting Silicon Valley and Main Street on the Blockchain

A major goal at SyncFab is to connect Silicon Valley and Main Street over the blockchain. SyncFab will create a direct, instant connection between high-tech manufacturers, local factories and machine shops.

An example of this would be an electronics company in San Jose that needs some CNC laser cutting done. It needs the work done fast, but all the local machine shops with laser cutters have backlogs of work. Meanwhile, a machine shop in Pueblo, Colorado, has a CNC laser cutter that is gathering dust.

Using the SyncFab platform the manufacturer in Silicon Valley would post a job on the blockchain. The machine-shop owner in Pueblo would be able to bid on the laser-cutting job; and if she got it, fill the order and ship the finished products to San Jose fast using UPS or FedEx.

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