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The Waves ecosystem was founded on the idea that the blockchain was invented for the people. It is a type of technology, which gives power back to the people for their business processes, finances, and much more. It also offers ordinary people a previously unimaginable level of security, convenience, and transparency.

The blockchain was created with the people in mind. The Waves platform has been designed with a wide array of users and use cases in mind. It works well for both the individuals and institutions. All of its capabilities are made possible by the constantly evolving technology.

There is a lot of misconception about Waves among the crypto-community at the moment. Many believe that Waves is a crowdfunding platform and not a full-fledged blockchain ecosystem, which it is.

A bird’s eye view of Waves Ecosystem

The Benefits for investors

The Waves platform has one of the best crypto wallets in existence. This is an easy-to-access wallet that lets you access all the features possible with the Waves platform. The wallet’s design considers best practices. That means it compares quite favorably with user interfaces of some of the most popular banking and trading platforms. When combined with fiat and digital currency gateway, the wallet makes it extremely simple to acquire and hold digital coins securely.

The Waves wallet come with an inbuilt DEX or decentralized exchange. It has a professional design quite similar to what is found on the most popular exchanges out there. A huge array of trading tools makes it ideal for newcomers as well as expert traders. The DEX is still being improved to ensure that it can soon rival some of the biggest exchanges out there.

Benefits for Institutional Investors

There is a major interest in digital currencies and the blockchain tokens from financial institutions. The Waves platform has elements built into it that make it possible to interface with the traditional world of finance. This will allow large corporations to gain access to this new class

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