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Whether EOS is leading the market or not is just but speculations based on historical prices. We need directions from market participants. As it is, buyers seem to be making a turn around despite yesterday’s candlestick characteristic. EOS is up six percent in the last 24 hours with interesting technical developments panning out in the daily chart.

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Just to clarify, Block One is a software company that is behind EOSIO-and not the other way! By now you might have read somewhere that EOSIO will be “migrating” from the Ethereum blockchain to their brand new blockchain. Yes, investors are super excited especially with the prospects of “free” transactions and the fact that more and more companies have plans on launching on the platform (software)-we are yet to know. That not only means demand but it’s a bit subtle statement of acceptance and confidence from third party companies. It’s really a go ahead for Dan and his crew.

In a video about the ‘eos-bios’ to launch the #EOS mainnet, @bourgetalexndre walks Block Producers through what they need to know to join the Seed Stages running now.
Come learn what is needed & how to run the discovery file $EOS @TBCox @go_eos

— EOS Canada (@EOS_Canada) May 11, 2018

And indeed it is a go ahead all happening at a time when Dan Larimer and Vitalik have all but agreed to work together for the sake of this nascent technology. Of course, Vitalik input in this sphere is all crucial. I mean, he’s just but a teenager but most see him as Einstein in these streets. A genius behind EVM and smart contracts, so, this to me is important.

Vitalik Helps Dan Larimer (EOS CTO) Rediscover Casper FFG

— Layer2 TCF (@Layer2TCF) May 16, 2018

As we can see, prices are picking up not only from a top down approach but the fact that sentiment is beginning to change. Statistics shows that EOS is up six percent in

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