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The idea of a decentralized trading platform managed by manufacturers in their own interests came to the CEO of Hamster Marketplace LLP, Russian entrepreneur and electronics manufacturer Denis Bulavin, when he was setting up sales channels for his primary product, the children’s tablet PlayPad, which is produced in Russia. In his work in the niche electronics segment, he saw the demand for a platform that would allow other independent manufacturers find their buyers and increase sales without engaging in the costly struggle for the limited number of spots on the shelves and shop windows of marketplaces featuring major vendors and manufacturers of unoriginal goods, whose target audiences may be entirely different.

What to Do When You Discover You’re in a Niche

The difficulty level of promoting a niche product directly depends on the niche’s status within the market:

established niche: has been discovered, is well known; the primary target audience has gathered and there are known, operational tools for reaching it. Typically occupied by a more-or-less constant set of competing manufacturers. young niche: has been discovered, is known to a limited extent; the target audience is known, but not structured, and the tools for reaching it are known. The array of products is in flux; new manufacturers with competing products are constantly entering the market. fresh niche: has been discovered, but is not widely known or known at all; the primary target audience has not been studied, and the tools for reaching it have not yet been created or made operational. May be occupied by a single manufacturer whose product/invention was what discovered/created this niche, or by a couple quick-moving adopters/authors of parallel inventions/discoveries.

The greatest difficulties in this hierarchy are faced by manufacturers of unique products that, being discoveries or inventions, create niche that had not previously existed and that now exists in a state of “primordial soup,” where the product’s target audience is scattered or clustered, without ties between individual members. Marketing experts have no centralized tools to interact with it,

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