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Zaaica, a decentralized, secured and smart payment platform developed to operate on its own blockchain presents itself as a unique project in the industry. The platform, powered by Zaaica Coin, intends to promote mass adoption by capturing more than 2.2 billion smartphone users. The potential users and investors of the platform are seeking to harness Zaaica’s platform for making quick microtransactions and rapid currency transfers. The most promising feature that makes Zaaica Coin different from others and one of its kind, is the token’s own specialized blockchain.

About Zaaica Coin

Zaaica is a cryptocurrency or altcoin, based on its own blockchain. At present, Bitcoin is the major force dominating the market characterized by the rising technologies coming along. Zaaica is yet another revolution in the industry since it assures investors quick and impressive returns typical of a token sale of a tangible product, and an opportunity to be the early adopter of this innovative technology. Zaaica is pioneering the creation of the first digital coin that offers a simplistic solution to mobile users.

Zaaica’s purpose-built blockchain is optimized to enable economical microtransactions and currency transfers. Users are able to trade Zaaica Coins (ZIC) on all major exchanges, besides Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether. ZIC blends all Zaaica platforms through Zaaica Wallet — its own wallet service, enabling the social trading of virtual goods, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

 How it works?

Zaaica is an open-API ecosystem, handling an increasing number of providers in the world’s most regulated and sensitive markets. With an increasing number of connected brokers, providers and publishers, the ecosystem is growing faster. The platform will add P2P component to the services it provides to expand into one of the fastest growing and biggest markets globally with Switex. Zaaica not only offers cryptocurrencies trading but also a completely functional infrastructure around blockchain, letting every potential investor trade financial instruments and virtual goods in a safer way.

What are its salient features?

At Zaaica, users can create their own private blockchain launched by third party

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