Oduwa – the Revolutionary Exchange with Built-In Risk Mitigation Solutions

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, investors consider the high volatility as one of the most critical challenges. Besides the obvious risks, the sharp price movements also represent real opportunities that anticipate generous profits. Leaving the investor’s viewpoint aside, the high volatility of the cryptocurrencies doesn’t allow these to become widely accepted means of payment. Oduwa is a project that focuses on volatility issues that erode the crypto space from the inside. The day when the cryptos go mainstream and reach stability will surely come, but until then, we have to deal with the unpredictable volatility. The Oduwa project...

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WhatEOS Holds Successful Sydney Roadshow, Look Towards Melbourne

April 24, 2018 – Sydney, Australia – WhatEOS, an organization regrouping a community of EOS enthusiasts formed by companies supporting EOS blockchain technology including CollinStar Capital, successfully held its first roadshow in Sydney, Australia, on April 20, 2018. At the event, held at Sydney’s Portside Centre, WhatEOS was introduced by marketing representative Acqeel Ziyad and security manager Roger Zhou to a full room of entrepreneurs, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency specialists. The next stop will bring together EOS fans in Melbourne in May. The event was held in the presence of Jayden Wei, Managing Director of CollinStar Capital, and moderated by...

Read More Partners With Global Alliance To Launch Blockbuster ICO & Reaches $15M Softcap In One Week

As more and more ICO’s launch and make empty promises to potential investors, it is nice to see a company that is already established launching an ICO that could potentially reshape the entire digital economy. The Six Alliance already has more than 10 Million active users on their platform making this one of the most highly anticipated ICO’s of 2018. Bangkok, Thailand – April 21st, 2018, The ICO industry was shaken up this week with the announcement of a new ICO that is being launched by the biggest and most reputable firms in Asia. SIX Network along with YDM...

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DAV Foundation Secures Major Korean Investment from Block Crafters Capital

DAV Foundation continues to build momentum and interest during its token pre-sale ahead of April’s ICO Zug, Switzerland – DAV Foundation, the blockchain startup building a decentralized network for autonomous vehicles, today announced it has secured significant investment from South Korean-based Block Crafters Capital. Block Crafters Capital consists of partners coming from various professional backgrounds who carefully select blockchain projects and provide comprehensive investment support. It was most recently associated with the ICON initial coin offering, which closed in September 2017 having raised $45 million. Joony Koo, a partner at Block Crafters Capital, said, “We believe that the DAV...

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Bitcoins Biggest Problems, CoinJolt Provides Investors a Solution

So you’ve heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but you’re still on the fence about whether it’s the right investment. Well, as with most investment opportunities, you should exercise due diligence. CoinJolt is an innovative solution to the problems that exist in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem. They’ve sought out since day one of being involved and invested in Bitcoin since 2011 to resolve the issues regarding custody and security of assets that could benefit the entire ecosystem and community. How? By taking a look at the problems that were most common and tackling major issues. Starting with listening to...

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Can Buyouts Help Solve the Cryptocurrency Marketplace’s Clutter?

As is the case in traditional business, the cryptocurrency marketplace is a dog-eat-dog competition where only the strong survive. Unfortunately, this creates hundreds of failed projects and millions of dollars in lost value. Can buyouts help transfer that value back into Bitcoin and other major market players? The Benefits of Buyouts Not every start-up business can find the success it needs to stay afloat, and even well-established companies go bankrupt. When this happens, buyouts from other companies may help salvage remaining assets for future use and provide many benefits. The same applies to the cryptocurrency space, as well. For...

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London to Host Major Cryptocurrency Event: Blockchain International Show London

On June 6-7, London will see Blockchain International Show, major large-scale cryptocurrency event in Europe. What is waiting for you? two days of experts’ presentations and major corporations’ developments; 60 speakers from all over the world; 100 exhibitors; 2000 participants. The event will be held for two days and will consist of two parallel sections, one dedicated to financial and regulatory questions, and another – to developments, tokenization, and ICOs. Top-level experts from all around the world will provide their presentations in two conference halls turning the event into a two-day journey full of mesmerizing discoveries. Speakers will give...

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LIQNET Launches Novel Cryptocurrency Exchange

The company LIQNET is launching a cryptocurrency exchange of a new type based on its LEN mechanism, which prevents liquidity fragmentation by pooling bids and orders from different platforms. There are a great number of crypto exchanges operating in the world. Users and their assets are separated; this means liquidity is ring-fenced. The lower liquidity, the less the average position amount compared with stock and other classic markets. And during market upsets, it can be insufficient even for trading small amounts of cryptocurrency. In order to continue growing at the same pace, the market urgently needs standardization. LIQNET has...

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U-VID’IFY Ltd. ICO Token Sale-Pre-Registration The First Video-Based Classified World Market, Goes Live 5/7/2018 12:00 UTC

(April 24, 2018) – The token sale for the world’s first video-based classified market and community, V-Commerce (virtual-commerce) has begun. U-VID’IFY is a revolutionary decentralized all-in-one global market application for mobile and pc use developed for virtual classified advertising, marketing, e-commerce and influential markets. This global powerhouse application offers its members low listing fees and rewards by offering incentives based on reviews and positive application candor. This creates more financial gain to consumers and businesses marketing goods and services while also creating an enjoyable marketplace. This is a win-win solution for global financial opportunities and marketing enterprises. Currently, consumers...

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Essentia to Develop First Blockchain Based Solution Approved by Finnish Government with MTK

It hasn’t been long since we offered the Dutch government a blockchain based solution for the border control issue, as we believe that introducing real-world use cases is the way towards the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. In March 2018, Essentia attended four meetings with representatives of the Finnish MTK organization, discussing possible ways of utilizing the Essentia framework. As a result, after a month of brainstorming and discussions, it was agreed that Essentia would become the first blockchain startup to help the Finnish organization in its key objective of reducing the unemployment rate. The Central Union of Agricultural...

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