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There is utility in Bitcoin Cash and their ambitions of becoming Bitcoin’s replacement is real. In fact going by the number of developments and adoption especially in SE Asia, Bitcoin Cash deserves recognition. Yes, it’s a BTC fork but at its core it advocates the ideals of the original core network despite BitPico’s claims.

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Talk is cheap, action speaks louder than words. We have heard these words over and over again but do they reflect the actions of BitPico and Bitcoin Cash? Well, we know Bitcoin Cash has supporters and critics in equal measure.

“Bitcoin Cash” is centralized sock puppetry.

— Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4) December 21, 2017

Some think they are nothing more than a “centralized sock puppetry” as Nick Szabo publically said while others think Bitcoin Cash is a coin from heaven. Both may or may not be right but BCH is really is a utility coin. Thanks to their structure, network improvement is easy. Fact is there is yet another upgrade set for November 2018 barely two months after hard forking and increasing their block size to 32 MB.

Talking of BitPico, they claim they have solid findings after unleashing “5,000 attack nodes” to show that Bitcoin Cash is indeed centralized. They have reason to believe that close to 98 percent of Bitcoin Cash servers are “sitting in the same server rack” and asking Bitcoin Cash officials to explain this. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that these centralization allegations have surfaced.

54% of reachable Bitcoin ABC (bcash) nodes are running on Hangzhou Alibaba virtual servers in China. Compare that to 2% of reachable Bitcoin nodes running on Hangzhou Alibaba servers.

— Jameson Lopp (@lopp) December 20, 2017

A while back, members of the community noted that close to 50 percent of Bitcoin Cash nodes ran from Alibaba’s servers. Then again, Micro-soft went ahead throwing jabs at any attempts of increasing block sizes saying those were “degraded decentralization” limiting the network’s

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