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Introducing Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT), an innovative platform created to assist crypto enthusiasts of all skill levels navigate the alluring yet perilous waters of the crypto world. Access to a large volume of high quality information is essential to the maintenance of a “winning edge” in every market, but the lack of any semblance of “safety net” coupled with the bizarre world of multiple exchanges, arbitrage, ICOs, forks, airdrops, and with the transient nature of the sector as a whole, amplifies that need acutely. This leads to a paradox in which information is desperately needed but any attempt to find such information results in a deluge of information the filtering of which is impossible for all but the most brilliant of traders. Barring those savants, most traders quickly reach a point at which they can no longer process the torrent of data presented to them and therefore cannot make informed, fully rational, decisions. The ITT platform is poised to become the calm in the center of the storm, a beacon of knowledge and confidence for anyone overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the crypto markets and their associated information (i.e. everyone).

Investing in cryptocurrency is not a decision one should make lightly. The promise of easy money can blind a person to the very real, and statistically larger, potential to lose money. A lot of money. The pull between the reward and the risk, the fear of missing out on a bull run and the fear of failing to recognize the signs of a bear sell off, the excitement for the promise of distributed ledger technology/directed acyclic graph technology and the fear of glitchy code that can erase millions of dollars in the blink of an eye, - click here to read the rest of this article