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While Bitcoin mining — which is the backbone of many public blockchains —  is often left to the operators of data centers, some university students have begun to try their hand at running their own, in-dorm mining efforts.

Bitcoin Mining In Unexpected Places — University Campuses

Speaking with CNBC journalists, Patrick Cines, a Penn State College graduate, highlighted his foray into cryptocurrency mining while living on campus grounds. The 2017 Penn State graduate stated:

“I had basically a box, maybe a foot and a half by a foot and a half tall. It was sitting in, right at the foot of my bed. Had several graphics cards.”

While this may have been the computer of a gaming enthusiast living in a cramped dorm room, Cines noted that this was actually a compact cryptocurrency mining rig. He noted that while in operation, this tiny, but powerful machine, was a substantial source of income for a university student with a crammed schedule, as mining farms can be used with a “set and forget” mindset.

Despite the fact that this side-hustle buffed the student’s wallet, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as Cines went on to explain in the following statement:

“It was unbearable… I had fans running, I had the window open. The first day I was living there, went to Home Depot, bought some dryer tubes, strapped them to the front, and used that to push all the hot air outside of my room.”

But to Cines, the unbearable heat that became part of his daily life was all worth it, as his rig proved to be much more than a source of passive income. He added that mining shaped his aspirations for the study and development of technology, stating:

“[Mining] was my personal introduction to tech and being in the Blockchain space. So I was really excited to just see every single thing that I did afterwards definitely shaped my college career,”

Although student miners may be operating in good faith, for university administrators occurrences

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