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William Shatner’s latest role is being the spokesman for a Vancouver based company that is about to open the world’s first solar powered Bitcoin mining operation.

Shatner Fronts First Solar Powered Crypto Mining Pool

Shatner, who is idolized by Trekkies the world over for his portrayal of James T. Kirk, Captain of the starship Enterprise, may not be quite as current on burgeoning technology today as he was back in the sixties when he was beaming people up with a tractor beam, but he knows a good idea when he hears one.

The 87-year-old actor initially came into contact with the Canadian company Solar Alliance when he contracted them to put solar panels on his California home. The company which specializes in alternative energy solutions has since announced plans to build a solar-powered Bitcoin mining operation in an abandoned Illinois factory and have asked Shatner to be their spokesman.

Bitcoin mining uses computer networks to solve complex problems for which the miners are awarded Bitcoin as payment. One of the major criticisms of Bitcoin recently is the massive amount of electricity an operation uses in order to mine each coin, which also hampers miners from operating in areas where electricity costs are high. This is where Solar Alliance CEO Jason Bak found inspiration.

The project which will be based around a huge solar array to be built on the abandoned factory’s 14-acre footprint. The old factory itself will be leased out as a mining pool with some parts reserved as a teaching center for solar panel installation. The company has been welcomed by the town of Murphysboro mayor, Will Stephens, who was quoted in the Chicago Tribune as saying “We, like a lot of Middle America, have seen job losses because of a change in the worldwide economy.”

Bitcoin Project Brings Jobs to Middle America

Whether using solar energy proves to be cost effective enough for Bitcoin Mining companies or not Illinois’ utility companies are compelled by state policy to buy renewable energy which makes the project economically viable

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