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· March 14, 2018 · 1:00 am

A brand-new start-up company called AI Crypto is now developing an AI ecosystem based on blockchain. The AI Crypto team is currently trying to solve problems in the AI research field, use the blockchain technology in the field of AI research to solve never-ending problems in AI development, such as wasting GPU resources on meaningless calculations and oligopoly of machine learning research data sets by big corporations.

Blockchain technology used in cryptocurrency mining wastes superabundant amount of electricity with worthless calculations with Graphics Processing Units (GPU). To prevent these kinds of calculations, the AI Crypto team developed a new technology called “Distributed GPU Network”. With this, requests are distributed equally to all GPU pools. In this way, one individual won’t be able to assign specific GPU calculations, preventing the misuse of GPU resources. AI Crypto team also developed a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Value (PoV). With this mechanism, they can verify transactions through AI machine learning calculations.

In order to conduct machine learning research, it is necessary for researchers to have a large number of data sets. But for small corporations, it is not an easy task to acquire that much data. Until now, only large corporations like Google and Apple could get the large data sets that are necessary - click here to read the rest of this article