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As the Befund Service Platform gets set to launch their crowdsale later this week (on May 16, 2018), the Singapore-based company has just announced that Daos Capital will become the eighth investment fund to back the project so far.

Khalil Lin, Director of Overseas Operations for Befund says that the support from Daos is encouraging, as Befund aims to become the platform of choice for crypto traders globally. “Our intention is to create an ecosystem that transcends the traditional silos that create inefficiency and poor cooperation in the market,” he says. “Our system is being built so that anyone in the world can enjoy access to powerful financial tools to manage their crypto assets. Being able to welcome Daos as a backer signals that we are well on our way to creating the ideal conditions for greater trust between global funds and international investors.”

Daos Capital is a fund run by a group of senior investors and venture capitalists that specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency trading. It is an AI-driven fund capable of delivering various trading strategies with different levels of risk to meet the needs and preferences of their investors.

The fund is specially calibrated to respond to the unique nature of the cryptocurrency market by screening existing funds and assessing benchmark professional fund standards and then employing short-term mechanisms to mitigate the effects of cryptocurrency volatility. Their main focus is leveraging arbitrage space on behalf of their investors on the secondary market of digital assets.

Helping Investors Navigate the World of Cryptocurrencies

Navigating the chaotic world of cryptocurrencies can be a daunting task. There is great interest by potential market participants, but they don’t have a central space to collect the information and data they need in order to be successful. Befund is a non-profit project that was created to connect novice and smaller “retail” crypto enthusiasts with professional fund managers.

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