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A “value discovery” platform for blockchain and digital currencies, aided by a AI algorithm, plans to help investors make the best choices whilst avoiding mistakes.

A “value discovery” platform  for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, aided by a unique AI algorithm, plans to help investors make the best choices available to them in real-time, whilst avoiding dangerous mistakes. Beenews (BKBT) is based on Meta-graph Chain, a public blockchain system which includes the smart contract system.

The team says that currently there are four issues for traders looking for crypto value information: the high rate of forged projects − claimed to be 90 percent − resulting in false estimates, the lack of media neutrality which can result in misleading advice, the lack of “effective evaluation systems” for projects to be objectively assessed, and the bias of blockchain skewing evaluations, through high entry barriers and lack of understanding for casual traders.

Their white paper sets out company’s visions of being “dedicated to becoming the largest value discovery platform for blockchain and digital currencies in the world, to helping users discover the value depression and avoid investment pitfalls, and to driving the healthy development of the blockchain ecology.” In addition to this mission statement, they add that the Meta-graph Chain could be considered for use in the public blockchain for data sourcing based on blockchain technologies, meaning that it could potentially “form the tracking evaluation system for global digital assets.”

In addressing these industry shortcomings, BKBT have outlined what sets them apart from other news outlets, claiming that they deliver information to investors in “an intelligent way”, including the use of a “Digital Currency Knowledge Graph”, and a “convenient information exchange channel.” Users of the BKBT platform can customize the information that they receive based on their personal preference data, risk types and attention fields, in order to only obtain information relevant to their individual trading. The knowledge graph, based on mass data processing and a deep learning algorithm, will process data from a number of

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