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· March 11, 2018 · 3:15 pm

Once you’ve spent any time in the world of buying and selling crypto, you quickly realize the main obstacle to mass adoption – the fact that it’s difficult, complicated and risky to buy, sell and use your new assets.

Not insurmountable of course, to someone with a degree of tech savvy-ness. But it’s a huge barrier to getting widespread popular support. And for cryptocurrencies to become broadly accepted as a medium of exchange, it’s essential to overcome those obstacles.

“Think of it like the internet, in the mid 1990s”, explains Daniel Worsley, Chief Operations Officer at LocalCoinSwap. “Most people had heard of it, but were happy to be ignorant of how it really worked, because they’d heard it was all a bit dodgy, and couldn’t possibly guess how it was going to impact and affect all their lives. The tools for actually getting online were complex and expensive, the benefits weren’t obvious, and the reality of the present-day experience didn’t really live up to the hype. The mainstream media was badly informed, had a tendency to scaremonger and focus on illegal behaviors, and fundamentally fed that ignorance – until some really useful and accessible consumer services started to emerge”.

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