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The crypto industry and investors found confidence in PLAAK as it gained global media attention with its ongoing PRE-ICO. PLAAK is an all-encompassing ecosystem that not only aims to make people’s lives better, but to empower people through the easiest possible medium. With this intention, PLAAK used the best of blockchain technology in an easy to use app so that everyone with the app could seamlessly access the decentralized freelance market.

On this digital platform, the seller has full right to dictate their own conditions such as payment amounts and the currency for payment. There are no third parties involved at any time, the transactions only ever occur directly between the seller and buyer.

Unlike other platforms, PLAAK provides a two-way payment medium where payments can be made through fiat money currency as well as any cryptocurrency. Hence, those who do not own a crypto wallet can still get their services delivered to them by using fiat currency. Additionally, PLAAK gives people complete control of their wallet, not just currency during transactions.

While other platforms charge over ten different types of transactional fees, PLAAK charges only one. So if the client is paying with fiat currency, they would be charged a 5% transactional fee, while using cryptocurrency would incur only a 1% fee. This is the only fee collected throughout the entire transaction process. Even in cases where the client requires a return of the money paid, the transaction is made with no chargeback fees. PLAAK offers a super low-cost platform for users in a one-stop shop mobile app.

The PLAAK mobile wallet also supports investments and all currency exchanges can be done using the wallet. With the wallet, different cryptocurrencies can be accepted and be used. The wallet holder can decide to accept a particular cryptocurrency as a medium of payment during a period of time considered favorable by the market value or can decide to stack up with another due to its future prospect.

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