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IPCHAIN Database is designed as an innovative application based on Blockchain technology and meant to protect all forms of intellectual property (IP) such as inventions, scientific research, music, video, etc. The project addresses the needs of artists, inventors and scientists and is supported by key players within the industry. The team behind IPCHAIN Database has started the project following extensive research, market analysis and numerous talks to experts on intellectual property.

The platform aims to solve multiple issues surrounding the protection and use of intellectual property. One major issue with intellectual property is that its monetization requires legal protection, which can be difficult and costly to come by and many IP owners are do not have the means to ensure suitable protection. Traditional means of protecting intellectual property are often technologically outdated and are expensive and as such favor big companies, who can pay high fees for registering their IP. Aside from this, the process is tedious and complicated.

However, through the IPCHAIN Database platform, individuals will have the ability to both prove their authorship and thus protect their intellectual property quickly and at a low price. Users will save their IP on the Blockchain and will thereby receive a time stamped proof of authorship, which cannot be tampered with or edited and thus act as suitable proof in legal proceedings. Users will also be able to use the platform’s Blockchain based architecture to safely share confidential information and to securely sell their IP.

Who can use IPCHAIN Database?

Inventors can use it to protect, promote, and trade intellectual property rights. Artists can use it to secure proof of their authorship, sell rights, and protect their property such as music, video, art etc. Companies can use it to protect, cooperate, and trade their IP including trade-secrets. Scientists can use it to safely share and protect their findings and publish them on the Blockchain

The advantage of IPCHAIN Blockchain

The following are few advantages of the platform

Optimal protection against fire, data corruption or

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