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The much anticipated merging of two groundbreaking technologies, VR and E-Commerce, may soon become a reality with the recent launch of MARK.SPACE.  This blockchain based VR/3D platform empowers all online retailers to enjoy the benefits of VR regardless of their size, by eliminating the need for expensive VR-equipment or any other significant investment.

7th February, 2018

The advent of VR is considered to be a gamechanger for the future of the global e-commerce industry. Though VR is increasingly being adopted by both large online retailers and world’s most popular fashion brands around the world, creating an industrially viable combination of VR and E-Commerce is still at a very early stage of development. However, the recent launch of MARK.SPACE, a 3D and VR open source platform powered by blockchain, has created new hopes in terms of making this dream a reality.

The e-commerce industry can benefit immensely by utilizing the unique capabilities of VR to increase sales, expand the base of loyal customers by increasing customer satisfaction, create more attractive advertising, and add psycho-emotional elements to the shopping experience. VR will also make it possible to eliminate the some major shortcomings of both physical stores and e-commerce platforms. In its present form, online shopping does not provide the visibility and interactivity that the brick-and-mortar outlets offer. The hybrid of physical and online stores in the form of a platform for VR e-commerce can really solve these problems.

Mentioned below are some of the ways in which some organizations have already made use of the very lucrative alliance of VR and e-commerce technologies to enhance the popularity and relevance of their brands.

Allowing consumers to travel around the world in seconds, visiting virtual versions of their flagship stores and making purchases there. Increase the desire to purchase goods by offering virtual fitting rooms and virtual areas for planning home decorations. Creating online, interactive showrooms and virtual exhibition halls

In spite of being an extraordinary technology, the large scale application of VR has been somewhat stifled

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