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Problem Statement No.1 – Nowadays, online video platforms have become an important tool for education and entertainment. You name it — YouTube, Twitch, D-Tube, etc., all of them provide some sort of video online services and some of them are equipped with the function of online live video streaming that allows the audiences to experience the programs in real time.

However, with large competition, bringing in traffic to your channel is a huge problem. For example, let’s say you want to set up a fitness video channel on YouTube, in which you will publish some videos related to exercise and diet advice three times a week. Shortly you will find out that it is difficult to bring in traffic if you have only a handful of active followers. In order to promote your channel, you would have to use various other internet services including social media, search engine optimization services, affiliate programs, and a good financial strategy. On classical video platform, greater traffic is always the only mean to provide meaningful income.

Problem Statement No.2 – Back in the day, if you were having problems, had some sort of dilemma or facing some difficulties in decision making, you went straight ahead to appropriate active forum and create a subject on the matter you wanted to discuss with other members. Some of the suggested solutions were helpful, some of them simply not working and some were just plain rude comments not related to the topic you wanted to discuss.

The idea to solve such problem is, to create an environment and tools that can be used to acquire specific service based on an individual need. For example, if someone wants to get a diet advice, instead of watching countless numbers of useless videos, one can refer to a specialist or an expert in that field that can cater to his specific needs. That’s where a face to face video chat session shines. However, there is no website which would compile all of the potential

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