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Being a part of crypto community, we closely follow developments in the crypto world. We are excited with the pace it is growing and boldness of the projects appearing and could not pass by the recent announcement of the secret second presale of Telegram. We would like to share our mixed feelings on the issue in a form of comment from our CEO Alex Duhamel.

 Crypto philosophy is all about transparency, universal contribution, and participation. Its ideals of breaking free from the unnecessary institutions and supervisions have attracted a lot of free-spirited idealists into the pool of crypto-enthusiasts. And I guess this was the reason why adopting Telegram messenger as one of their major means of communication was so innate.

Being a creation of a famous entrepreneur Pavel Durov, who was forced to sell his stake of VKontakte (a Russian “Facebook”) where he was one of the founders and immigrate, and his brother Nikolay, this messenger became means to belong to something revolutionary and truly great. It boasts end-to-end encryption and was claimed to be a pain for oppressive regimes around the world due to its high information security standards. That’ s why the news about TON, the “Telegram Open Network” which is intended to be a new, ‘third generation’ blockchain with superior capabilities, was such a blast.

However, from the very beginning, there have been a lot of ambiguity around the Telegram ICO of TON. The information about its possibility was leaked by a former employee in December last year — and this is when the hype began. It is understandable — Telegram is not a startup to be built from the round up. It is a well-established messaging platform used internationally with over 180 million subscribers base.

After the news about the published whitepaper of TON came in January, a new wave of scepsis arose at the truly ambitious and some say unrealistic plan. Additionally, there was a wave of scams — websites appearing and claiming to give opportunity for investors

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