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· March 10, 2018 · 11:30 am

The Parachute8 Platform – Built on Blockchain Technology utilizing Smart Contracts to secure personal information, providing users with a Private Key – Users are in control of their data.

Salida, Colorado, March 4, 2018, The team at Parachute8 were happy to announce the pending launch of their ICO Pre-Sale in March. They have also completed their Whitepaper and it is available online here. Parachute8 provides solutions for businesses and individuals wanting to achieve personal sovereignty in the digital ecosystem. The company specializes in decentralized tools for identity management and privacy in the digital landscape, using blockchain technology to give clients privacy, control, and ownership of their personal information.

Parachute8’s proprietary algorithms provide security to participating individuals and companies. Customers will have the right to choose how, where and when any of their information can be accessed. Nearly every facet of information that is currently sent to third parties, from legal and medical records to personal identification and lifestyle preferences, has a conduit for the customer to send secure information through a Smart Contract. Individuals can update their information in real time. For the first time in history, through a secure public/private key, personal sovereignty can be achieved holistically. Its imperative individuals own their information. This concept has been in development for nearly - click here to read the rest of this article