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RealChain Foundation Ltd. has recently announced the launch of RealChain ecosystem, a blend of blockchain’s decentralized system and Artificial Intelligence (AI) image recognition technology. The platform’s concept is set to have futuristic implications for high-end consumer good’ purchasing based on blockchain & collection identification data center. The company’s RealChain Token (RCT) is being traded on the leading global exchange platform

The Background

We recently came across one of the news headlines saying, “Man Sold Millions in Counterfeit Luxury Goods at West Miami Business”, where the Police found the person in possession of over $9.6 million worth in counterfeit merchandise. He was selling counterfeit designer clothing and jewelry out of a showroom in the rear of his business.

Cases like this imply the need for an idealized global luxury, jewelry and artwork trading system that is based on a fair, open and transparent product information as well as highly efficient trading environment. And this is what RealChain aims for; i.e. to solve the problems faced by consumers and law enforcement agencies. Cases like the one in Miami can be avoided with an ecosystem like RealChain that is able to catch these counterfeits before damage was done. RealChain is a great tool to assist law enforcement agencies and protect consumers.

RealChain intends to improve transaction transparency and reduce fraud risk and transaction cost by blockchain technology and AI technology in the trading scene of luxury goods, jewelry and art.

The Exclusive Features of RealChain

Fully Trusted Authentication Service: RealChain achieves full de-trust through block chains: there is no need to trust other participants and there is no centralization of single point failures. Distributed Identification Ecology: The mobile terminals provided by RealChain will make each institution and appraiser form an independent node, thereby greatly reducing the connection cost. Incentive Mechanism Realized by Encrypted Tokens: Once the user’s uploaded data is utilized, they will automatically get RealChain’s tokens RCT. Information Desensitization: The user data on RealChain is determined by the user’s own open permissions. Transaction Efficiency:

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