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Messaging apps are dominating the way people communicate these days. Whereas the phone was a revolutionary invention back in the day, it preceded future developments that made it practically obsolete: Internet, SMS, VoIP services, and now messaging apps.

SuchApp is, however, much more than a simple messaging app. It is an entire ecosystem that encompasses real-time and location-based messaging, 4K broadcast video, a radar, granular security and influential community and business communications capabilities.

Monaco’s elite choose SuchApp

Such is the power and influence of its versatile set of features that SuchApp that it recently secured the support of a group of influential businessmen and millionaire society in the Monaco area, one of the most exclusive and exotics places in the world. Those people are excited to contribute to the planet’s first 5G blockchain-based instant messaging app.

After all, the Monaco group is looking to seize in the vast opportunities that the market of social media messaging industry – worth approximately $90 billion – provides. The people, 20 charter members, are very powerful themselves, with a net worth that approaches $90 billion.

The group met in Monaco to get to know SuchApp from a very close look. The app can optimize the way businesses are run. Besides communicating with other people, SuchApp provides the chance to buy, sell and trade goods and services and make payments with an associated digital currency.

For a first time, members of the society choose a blockchain project to invest. SuchApp’s business tools and model, including the design of the instant messaging app, impressed all viewers and observers so much that the Monaco millionaire society will conduct all financial operations via the SuchApp interface.

The CEO of SuchApp, Ronny Shany, welcomed the investment made by the Monaco group and stated that the enterprise as a whole was proud because such as distinguished and savvy businessmen team recognized the potential of this ambitious project.

The group of investors, meanwhile, has said that their intention is to take full advantage of

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