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The 4th Pillar platform is all set to establish its lasting imprints in the field of digital identity control. More specifically, the platform aims to develop the world’s first blockchain-based employee identity ledger, providing users a way to enter the work-related information, and hence giving employers and organizations an indispensable tool to be used in the recruitment process. The FOUR Tokens, the native cryptocurrency that fuels the 4th Pillar platform, will be offered for sale in the upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) and public ICO starting soon.

About the 4th Pillar Project

The 4th pillar is the blockchain-enabled work identity ledger where the users will enjoy complete control over their professional identity as well as be able to earn FOUR tokens. The ecosystem provides an automatic verified and non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation, based on imported measurable data, which makes recruitment more transparent and easier.

Since the validated automatic evaluation is not based on any discriminatory characteristics (for instance, gender, age race, religion, sick leaves, parental leave information or other parental care rights) it will enable employers and recruiters to act in accordance to the terms and conditions of employment on non-discriminatory basis (like education, additional courses, additional professional knowledge, linguistic knowledge, years of service, work commitment and work performance.

The Core Features

The platform uses smart contracts, IPFS, and blockchain technology to address the key challenges and issues including:

Individual control and received digital assets management Blockchain personal ledger identity database with automatic non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation Work-related document through peer-to-peer distribution

The 4th pillar is based on the concept that gives a free choice and full control over financial crypto savings back to the people, keeping the intermediaries and associated costs away from the process. At the same time, it solves the worker’s digital identity problem and private documentation distribution including employment contracts, payroll slips, annexes, CVs, medical reports, performance reports, work history reports etc.

The Verdict

The 4th Pillar platform not just enable organizations to transfer their digital value directly,

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