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PROOF OF TOSS is a new betting platform built on blockchain where users can create wagers, bet, and judge. The project’s goal is to disrupt the traditional betting industry and improve user experience in this area. The team has developed the first betting protocol on RSK which is fueled by TOSS tokens. The project is in its closed token sale stage now, but everyone can join the whitelist and get 1000 bonus TOSS tokens, for a purchase of any amount.

PROOF OF TOSS is an ecosystem for betting, that will act as a peer-to-peer platform for end-users and also will provide a white-labeled open source solution for operating companies to supply events on any scale. With PROOF OF TOSS, users get transparency, protection from fraudulent activities, great market coverage, and the possibility to bet on anything. Everything on the platform is embedded in the logic of smart contracts, powered by the promising RSK blockchain, that has recently released its main net.

TOSS is a utility token of the ecosystem, that is used to create wagers, place bets, vote on results, create deposits and collateral, receive prizes and rewards. Tokenization, in general, provides betting with many advantages, such as faster transactions and guarantee of fair results. Also, tokens help scale the system and reduce the risk of server crashes and other technical fails.

Token with four decimal places

TOSS token will have only four decimal places because it’s inconvenient to bet with a coin divided into too many parts. If you play with a highly fractional coin, it’s very likely that you will make a mistake and as a result, bet ten times more or ten times less than you wanted. If a token is divided only into ten thousand parts, it is easy to see all the zeros, no need to count them. Such usability is valuable for players.

In PROOF OF TOSS, a total of 1 billion TOSS tokens will be released. 70% will be distributed amongst all buyers of the token

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