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Education is the foundation on which society is built. As philosopher John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Learning doesn’t stop after school, but the adult education industry is a very scattered landscape. Due to its current state, guidance for professional and personal development is difficult to access and verify as legitimate.

Professional and personal development is also becoming increasingly necessary. College graduates in 2016 had an average of $37,172 in student loan debt in 2016, and as of January 2018, the amount of nationwide student debt totaled $1.48 trillion (divided amongst 44 million borrowers). Student Loan Hero reports that this number is $620 billion more than the sum of the United States’ credit card debt.

More people are electing not to attend college because it’s outright unaffordable for many. A college education is supposed to be beneficial, but is it worthwhile if it bogs its students down with debt for the rest of their lives? Or if it robs them of their social lives and mental health? And when students graduate, they enter a sluggish job market, rising costs of living, and fewer chances for income growth. Younger generations are finding themselves stuck—how do they improve themselves, emotionally and economically, from this point?

Many turn to the self-improvement industry. Published books, podcasts, seminars, conferences, speeches, even coaching are all methods by which people continue their education. However, these methods can be expensive: the prices of books and tickets accumulate, and conferences often require travel (and all the accompanying costs). Not all of the information has people’s best interests at heart, either—there are scams and unhelpful individuals amongst the true wisdom-sharers.

What if there was a singular place that had all of the (authenticated) self-improvement information anyone would ever need? This is SuccessLife’s mission: a platform that makes professional and personal development accessible for everyone.

What SucessLife does

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