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The Altair VR virtual encyclopedia is the first global project aimed at creating a platform for learning about the world through virtual reality. In this way, the project team intends to completely reimagine the approach to education and acquiring knowledge.

A broad assortment of experts is expected to take part in the project, from professional animation studios to ordinary Internet users.

The VR Platform’s Future

Considering the predicted growth rates in the number of active users of products in the virtual reality space, as well as the expected 30-fold revenue growth in this domain, the potential for development for a virtual encyclopedia platform could be huge.

The platform is currently being developed, but we can already estimate the economic outcomes that could be reached in a few years. In 2018 the project team plans to occupy 5% of the VR market and 12% by 2020. And that’s with taking into account the constantly growing number of companies coming into the virtual reality space every year.

These aren’t empty words. The Amazing Cinema app has already been launched, and it has frequently been ranked among the top apps on the global Oculus Gear VR Store. Furthermore, the number of downloads shows that in 2017 the app was downloaded to 5% of all the devices in the world.

Simple Economics

These trends only further convinced the project team of the need to develop further, which is why 88 million dollars will be spent on a marketing campaign over the next three years.

The basic parameters entered in the economic model are shown below:

According to Altair VR’s calculations, by the end of 2020, the company’s revenue will reach 535 million dollars. A more detailed breakdown is shown below:

What’s Next?

The platform already has several major studio partners for content creation, who work in the planetarium market. They will be the ones generating the initial high-quality content for Altair VR. Subsequently, freelancers from across the world will be brought in to work - click here to read the rest of this article