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We at the Node Investor believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets are currently driving a technological revolution that will have far-reaching impacts on all industries including banking & finance, e-commerce, IoT, medical & government, just to name a few.

We also believe in the incredible investment potential cryptocurrencies currently offer and that we are only in the very early stages of what will be a multi-year bull market for this asset class.

“We believe that over the coming years, cryptocurrencies will outperform all other asset classes including stocks, real estate and commodities.”

Our mission is to educate others about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and how to get started with investment opportunities in this space.  We do by sharing news, providing market insights & technical analysis, and by educating others via video and directly at speaking events.

Whether your goal is to buy your first Bitcoin, invest in blockchain startups, or simply learn how to trade on a cryptocurrency exchange for quick profits, our mission is to guide you and provide the timeliest information possible to help you take advantage of these rare opportunities.