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“Hicky is setting the new standard for online dating by making it safer, more effective and more fun.. We’ve been testing our platform with great success and amazing feedback. Due to popular demand, we are now launching our bounty program. We are rewarding the earliest adopters by giving away free Hicky tokens (HKY) for community building efforts.” – says the Hicky team.

You can earn HKY for simple tasks such as inviting your friends to Hicky’s Telegram channel or retweeting tweets.

How to Participate

1. Invite Members to Hicky’s Telegram Channel

Telegram is where the Hicky team communicates directly with the community. Anyone can ask questions, comments on and make suggestions for the project, and share their thoughts about news and trends in the world of online dating. This helps build the community organically and ensures that all voices are heard (no more than 100 added members).

Reward: 5 Hicky tokens for each member added, credited to your account upon completion of the token sale

To Qualify: Your added members must stay a member of the Telegram group until the end of the token sale.

2. Refer Your Friends to the Hicky Token Sale

As you know, Hicky is about to start its token sale. Once you’ve registered, you can use your unique referral link from the dashboard to invite your friends.

Reward: 5% of your friend’s purchase.

To Qualify: Your friend must sign up using your referral link and make a purchase of HKY tokens.

3. Share on Facebook

You can either repost content from Hicky’s Facebook page or create and post your original content about

Reward: 10 Hicky token, credited to your account upon completion of the token sale.

To Qualify: Like Hicky’s page at

4. Retweeting Posts

With a single click of a single button, you can earn HKY tokens!

Reward: 10 Hicky tokens for each unique Retweet, credited to your account upon completion of the token sale.

To Qualify: Follow Hicky on Twitter

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